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Hey have any of you taken this Riddle created by a Twi-hard fan name Julia? Well if you haven't, it's the most challenging and fun riddle ever created for Twilighters! If you haven't read the entire saga, I suggest you wait to take the riddle because it consists of questions from all three books and even the movie. The directions are on the page, but if you have any questions let me know! I finished it in one day without the helps of any of the books. How fast can you do it??
Go to this website.--->

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yah! i attempted and got through 7 questions. but i cannot figure out 8: whats was edward's biological father's occupatation? i have no idea.
Lawyer..have fun!
thans so much!
oh thanks too! i spent 30 minutes trying to find that!!!! lol
he was a preacher or pastor
That was Carlisle's Father
i need some help with question 2 please
it wont even let me start it
It's kind of confusing. You have to copy and paste letitbegin into the header.

Like this-->>

Then you press enter and it will go to the next questions.

Then the next one will look like this--->>

And so on...make sure everything is lowercase and you have to go in order. Have fun!


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