The Twilight Saga

WHy do you hate the book? Oh have yall read the host? It was so good

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I agree lol. Oh read my stories please.
lol I wil post the second chapter 2morrow. lol I have new stories up now
True. Twlght was the best tho
Yes, I hated New Moon too. I skip that whole part of the movie too, where they are apart.
I didnt lke new moon b/c he left too But Jacob was amazing.
lol Yeah well her heart was ripped ot of her chest lol
well, to b honest, i luved them all, i mean, there might b a book i liked less than the others, but one that i hated there isn't, all four have such good characteristics, that beat all the downsides, for esample, in new moon, edward leaves, but hot jacob enters, eclipse, jacob is hurt, but edward and bella develop their relationship even more... see my point?? haha wot bout u?

no!! i haven't read hte host... i have it though... hehe, but haven't had tym to read it
Twlght was the best And i like BD and E but my least fav was NM but I love them all and read the Host it ws awesome
i think twilight was the best too, where it all began... haha when we r first introduced to edward =)
i'll read the host, haha it's in my to read list haha
I agree, I just don't like it when Edward leaves and Jacob come into the picture.
i HATED breaking dawn when edwaed and bella got MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TeAm JaCoB rUlEs!!!!!!!!!!


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