The Twilight Saga

Dude, I was buying the twilight book ok. And the lady working the cash regester picks up the books and goes these books are a waste of time not just for you but, for all teens. These books are all a bunch of made up creatures that want to kill other creatures and god knows what else in the.
I was like that is a lie my aunt in maine has all of the books and she loved them. These books are full of romance, and adventure. they are books we can read and enjoy. there are many books in this world but, none that are can let us see what is going on inside the books as twilight does.
we can picture what is happening at that very moment this book is perfect for teens.
So keep your comments to your self.

what would you guys say to someone who told you that?

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i agree big time!
she doesnt wanna work, obviously.
someone should fire her.
OR set her on fire.

set her on fire, haha, thats funny
its rude. but i think she deserves it. hahaha
Or they could strap her down in a chair and hang a book in front of her face and an auto page turner to force her to read the books.
that would be a good idea like forcing her to read the twilight saga, that would shut her up real quick.
No it would only make her a anti!
OR they could strap her to a chair and get all of the books on one cd and play it over and over, untill all she does is just sit there, rocking back and forth and silently humming to herself. which means she just went insane
Neither i agree with her.
i would be soooooo furious that i wouldnt no wat 2 say i would probably just be so angry that i would explode rite there on da spot
And the thing that set me off the most is she had no right to speak out of line like that. O I wish my mother was there she would have chewed her out up and down she is a huge twilight fan and she doesn't usually read the same bookss I do. And enjoy them for that matter!


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