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Dude, I was buying the twilight book ok. And the lady working the cash regester picks up the books and goes these books are a waste of time not just for you but, for all teens. These books are all a bunch of made up creatures that want to kill other creatures and god knows what else in the.
I was like that is a lie my aunt in maine has all of the books and she loved them. These books are full of romance, and adventure. they are books we can read and enjoy. there are many books in this world but, none that are can let us see what is going on inside the books as twilight does.
we can picture what is happening at that very moment this book is perfect for teens.
So keep your comments to your self.

what would you guys say to someone who told you that?

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that is so dumb of her ... i mean if ur selling something to a customer u don't tell them that this book is a wast of time ... then they wont even buy it .. DUH!!!
she should get fired for being a bad sails lady .. but still people have their own opinions... and she should read it instead of critsizing the book and having an idea what the purpose of it is and like the whole story
have zafrina go and shock her...then set her on turn her to a vamp first. that way pain and then death
LOL!!! luv dis ans. :P
Actually it's Kate that shocks people, Zafrina creates images in a person's head.
I would be PISSED also~!!!!!!!! She needs 2 think about who she's talking 2 b4 she says CRAP!!!!
ok... i agree that she can have an opinion... but u don't say that 2 promote the book, i mean!!! come one!!! and lets, admit it, there are some people in the world (thank you god i'm not one of them!!) that don't like the books, but if she hasn't even read it, she shouldn't have an opinion!!!!
i would have prob told her, 'it really is my business if i want or not to buy a book, not yours!!!' and then say thank you and leave... haha XD
Excuse me who is paying for this book?????????
this lady sure dosent know a good book if it bit her in the face I would tell this lady hey trying telling that to Stephenie Meyer and see what she says.
I think you should have told her you had finished everything by Chaucer, Dickenson, and Faulkner, so.....
Don't bash the book untill you try it, ecspecialy if you are selling the book!
I woldn't say anything- I would punch them! Then say, "Ha! I punched you just like Bella punched the stupid werewolf!" Hehe, that would show them! :-)
I bet if you made her read the books she would love them. Then thank you.


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