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Dude, I was buying the twilight book ok. And the lady working the cash regester picks up the books and goes these books are a waste of time not just for you but, for all teens. These books are all a bunch of made up creatures that want to kill other creatures and god knows what else in the.
I was like that is a lie my aunt in maine has all of the books and she loved them. These books are full of romance, and adventure. they are books we can read and enjoy. there are many books in this world but, none that are can let us see what is going on inside the books as twilight does.
we can picture what is happening at that very moment this book is perfect for teens.
So keep your comments to your self.

what would you guys say to someone who told you that?

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that is so stupid!!!!! she is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well apparently the cashier doesnt know how to read, or is just trying to put people down for reading such a wonderful series. i do have to say that my kids now love to read because of The Twilight Series. But she had no right to tell you that you should not read the books or to purchase them.
I would be like "Well have you ever read them?" if she said "No" I would be like "Then you really shouldn't have an opinion about something you don't know nothing about." In a respectful way of course.

If she said "Yes" I would be wondering why she didn't like them. I would say "How did you not like them? I have read them and they are really good. They got me to start reading other books, are they a waste? I agree that certain age groups SHOULD NOT be reading these books but they are amazing."
I wouldn't be wasting my money on the books, but if someone did that I would say, "Yeah, your right. Someone must have drugged me."
if someone said that to me, i would punch them or do some other act of violence, regardless of wether they are a boy or girl btw, what did she say after you told her that they weren't a waste of time and money? if someone says they don't like the same thing as you, that's 'a lot to set me off'? Wow.
No, only if they said Twilight was a waste of time and money and do something bad to the books. Now THAT would set me off.
Ugh! So aggravating! The same thing happened to me in Barnes and Noble when I went to buy Eclipse...I was so upset I ordered Breaking Dawn online...Its ridiculous! cause she was at work...its not her job to tell me what she thinks of the books...she needed to take my payment and shut up...
i'm not gonna defend her comments, but she is entitled to an opinion. Of course, she could have just said "i don't think these books are good" and that's that. I work at a movie store, and the employee's are encouraged to be honest about movies they've seen. I'm not going to recommend a movie like.... "extreme movie" because if someone asked me i'd tell them it was terrible. i'm not gonna go into details about that movie and the horror that it was for me to watch it. BUT i only say these things to people who ASK me what i think. if they don't ask me. i won't say anything. Let the customer form their own opinion. ... if they think they wasted their money later than.. oh well.. not my problem..... i went off topic there.. lol. But yeah! Forcing ur opinion on someone isn't cool. " I didn't ask, So don't tell me what you think. " =]
Well personally, I wud have gave her a nasty remark and rung my own books up myself. But I have a temper problem.(lol)
Anywayz, I think that these books are beautiful creations of literature. It offers many aspects of a teenagers life but it includes a huge twist that people wudn't normally think of. I cnt say that it is fiction bcuz in my mind, it is an alternate reality. And the romance is so innocent and true, not just the lust that we see in other books and on television. That's what I really love about the books. So screw anybody who doesn't like the books or thinks they are a waste of time!!! You don't have to read them!!!!

Yeah, we're allowed opinions, but she was at her job, and it's not her job to tell people her opinions, her job is to just keep her opinions to herself and check the people out, not say 'Oh, these books are a waste of time, you shouldn't get them'. It's people like that that make people not want to read them.


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