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This was supossed to happen but wait

Ok so its bella and Edward wedding and just before Bella says I do Jacob comes crashing through the doors with the whole pack (exept for Seth) and he has Mike newton with him and then Jacob says wait you cant marry that parisite and Edward Jaco and Mike start a fight and then the pack and the rest of the cullens start fighting while carlisle esme and bella try to break it up tthe pack mike and the cullens finally stop but edward and jacob just keep fighting and Jacob asks Bella why he would marry a blood sucker and bella says well if you dont stop fighting i wont want EITHER of you in my lives and then she runs off crying while Edward trys to talk it out but Jaocb dosent listen and so on if you want me to write the rest you have to respond and tell me you like it

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that sounds good.good for bella serves them right.
Yeah *laughs* but thank you
no that wouldnt be funny but the mike newton thing would
Keep rude comments to yourself.
But thanks for the Mike Newton comment.
Its so it!!!
Sounds Great :)
Ok I really dont care if people dont like it but for people who do om gonna re write a whole diff chapter for it thank you to all the people who gave me nice comments
Hey guys iive finished the chapter your welcome to read it its not coppied at all from stephenie!


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