The Twilight Saga

have you every had any twilight related dreams well this where if you want to you can tell us about it but keep it pg13

one i had last night was where rpattz aka edward gave me and a friend the signature pea coat he wears i dont rember her name, but we are sharing the coat and i use it first but next part of the dream i remember was i was sitting at a desk and i asked him if he was cold and he says no and rubs my back with his hand and while does that my head is against his shoulder.

well thats my dream or rather what i remember from it

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at least u remember ur dream,,, i jus remember him bein in my dreams,,,, i dont even know wat the hell the dream was
i had a very odd twilight related dream last night and this is what i remember from it i was at the cullens house drinking soda (they are vampires and i am bella) and i stop drinking and put a hand on my stomach and edward givs me a odd expression and asks carlisle to perform a pregnancy test and when they come back me, edward and carlisle are sitting in his office and carlisle strats giving me the third degree about what can happen when you have unprotected sex and then he ak me how i think edwared feels and i say pretty pettrified because i know that i am

thats all i remember weird huh
I had a wierd dream last night . . . I don't remember much, but I do remember I was running around like a werewolf . . . I remember someting about running around just for fun, and then . . . well, you know that hunters from Brother Bear? Yeah, a bunch of those hunters appeared and started attacking me. It was strange, cuz who would want to attack a wolf the size of a bear? Anyway, I just remember fighting back, and then suddenly I was sitting in my bed. Freaky, huh?
WOW that is kind of freaky..... And also if you think about it funny because everytime I hear the name Brother Bear I think of the two mooses.... HAHA.....I think I had one a few weeks ago... It's hard to remember them..... But I was running around Forks with Robert and we went to the meadow were he goes with Bella I'd never seen it before and I was in aww because it was so gorgeous then I woke up.... Yeah boring i know but it sucks I never got to actually finish it..... =(......It's funny living in Washington my entire life and I never knew Forks was real.... HAHA sad I know....


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