The Twilight Saga

Volturi versus Cullens! What do you think were Aro’s goals?

Question: No1. What do you think was Aro’s primary reason for taking his Volturi Army to Forks Washington?

Question : No. 2 How would you prioritize (put in order of importance) what you feel his secondary goals were ?

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion on this topic, to help us both understand the "Twilight Saga" better, and to enjoying it even more.

Most Sincerely, Doc B
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I think Aro always wanted to get rid of the Cullens. From the beginning, Carlisle threatened his concept or existence by his "vegetarian" diet. That, along with the fact that the Volturi are all about power and the Cullens were amassing numbers to rival their own, made the Cullens a threat to Aro.

As a secondary goal, I think Aro wanted the powers that Edward and Alice had. I think he was hoping to persuade them to join the Volturi. I think Aro was also very interested in Bella. From the time he "met" her through Edward's mind in New Moon, he was fascinated with the draw Bella had for Edward. I think he wanted to acquire her for his "family" also once she had been made a vampire.

Dear Leah, I agree with you.
I would think Alice would be his first choice.
I would say Edward next, But he can already read minds If he can touch you.
So I think his next target would be Bella. By getting Bella he removes a weapon which can be used against him. But also he might figure out how to employ her gift.
(Marcus's statement that Bella and Edward have the most powerful bond he has ever seen means he will want to keep them together, so he can use their love to to manipulate them.
And Jaspers mood manipulation could always be helpful.

Of course as soon as battle is almost joined it becomes obvious that Bella will be the crown Jewel of the supernaturals.

But Aro can't act because he hates a fair fight.

If Stephanies next book is a continuation of Breaking Dawn it will be about the fight for Bella. And her weakness is Edward and Nesse. But they had better be careful about going after Nesse because they might get more than they bargined for.

Thank you for your help Doc.
ps Never underestimate a Ginger head especialy ones that can communicate with you before they are born. And who can jump 16 feey in the air to catch snowflakes when they are under a year old.

Oh, I definitely think the Volturi are not done yet! Now that they know the powers Bella has and how unique Nessie is, they definitely will be returning!

I hope Stephenie Meyers writes more, so we know what happens.

You are so right

G x
Question: No1. What do you think was Aro’s primary reason for taking his Volturi Army to Forks Washington?

I believe that the primary reason was to gain more power by adding to his collection. He desperatly wanted Alice and Edward as well as Bella to join him. I think a part of him would have loved to have Jasper as well. Keep the couples together so they could be controled more easily. He saw what Jasper was capable of thru Alice's mind as well as Edward's. He was envious of how Edward's gift worked. He was tickled pink by what Alice could do. And as for Bella he was simply curious as to how she had turned out. The bonds between them was something he had never counted on. So why not try to gain them as sets.

Question : No. 2 How would you prioritize (put in order of importance) what you feel his secondary goals were ?

First I would have to say divide and conquer. See who he could get to come to his side once there was a threat involved. Next would be his curiosity. He was curious of the Cullen's how they have managed for so long, I think he even envied them for their bonds of love and devotion. And lastly would have to be to have his competition taken out. He thought of it as a waste for so many of them. The one thing he never counted on was their witnesses as well as his own. He liked people to believe that he did things because of the laws he was trying to uphold, only that was a ruse. And when he was called on it he ran with his tail between his legs so to speak.

But these are only my thoughts, looking forward to everybody elses.

Divide and conquer exactly the same thought as me, except i've put the goals round the opposite way

As always your thought are brilliant

G x
Aro's underlying issue with the Cullens is power. For, well, forever, the Volturi have been the answer when questions are asked in this alternate world. Now, the Cullens are shifting that fact by creating their own answers. The Volturi say vampires live by discreetly hunting humans, the Cullens hunt animals. Volturi say live on the edge of the human world, the Cullens are in the middle of our world. Volturi are the only ones capable of handling any issues or problems that arise, but the Cullens successfully defeated the newborn army and vengeful trackers. The Volturi see vampires as dominant, superior beings allied with no one. The Cullens live among humans and sign a treaty with the werewolves/shapeshifters. The Cullens unknowingly challenged the Volturi power structure among vampires. Plan A was to leave the ramapant newborn army to attack Forks and hope it eradicates the Cullens and the survivors will be devestated enought to join the guard. Since the Cullens are awesome, Plan A goes bad. Plan B, find a small crack in the perfection of the Cullens and use it to attack. Irina delivers the crack in Renesemee. The child must be an unforgiven, there is no other explaination that he knows of, though how the Volturi have never heard of 'hybrids' before when they were born thousands before Christ is odd. When the Volturi and the guard arrive, they intend to justifiably attack the Cullens, and reward the survivors with places in the guard. Especially Alice, Edward, Bella, (Renesmee), and maybe Jacob and the pack. Aro doesn't expect the righteous Cullens to be justified with the child and attempt to take them out anyway. He wasn't expecting Bella's shield. Both sides are now even, there is no way for them to fight without both sides having losses. Aro realizes this and as businessman, decides it is better to settle this peacefully than to start war with an equally powerful coven. Right now, the Cullens are just another coven, if the Volturi attack, the Cullens could make it their mission to take out the Volturi and replace them with others who are fairer. Aro realizes all of this and leaves the baseball field intact. Sorry for the length.
Hi Brittany, Please don't apoligize for the length, it was perfect. I love your response. You have summed things up quite nicely. I do like how you put them into Plans A and B and you are right Plan a went bad. It was wonderfully put.
We don't mind at all how long or short a reponse is here. All thoughts are welcome.
Dear Brittany,
I think you are EXACTLY right. I think Aro was terrified by the Cullens. But not because of their physical power, which was formidable, but because of their psycological impact on the other supernaturals.
Aro controlled the most powerful coven in the world. But the Cullens weren't a coven they were a family.

Aro's delema reminds me of the Roman Empor Marcus Auriliouss dilema. He was certain of three things. Jews and Christians believed in one God who loved them. Romans were polythiests who believed in many Gods some who loved man and some who outright disliked man. And he knew something else only one belief system would survive.

Fran is right about, saying too much. When was the last time you got message from a friend that was too long. Especialy one as excellent as yours. Your post was very helpful in helping us analyze this question,. Sincerely, Doc

Firstly, please don't apologise for writing too much, in our circle of friends you can never say too.

Plan A & B totally correct, it is about power and gain for Aro, but in the end the Cullens had to be left in peace for now until they find another reason to fight against them

G x
I think Aro's goal was for going to Forks was because Carlisle family was getting way to big and he new what kind of talent each one of the family members had. Alice was the most important one because she fortell the future that could not see, and Edward had the talent to here all people thoughts, and then bella came along and that made their family even bigger. When they got to forks and saw Reneseme and saw her talent that made him thirst and envy Cullens family even more. So he was even more determine to separate all Cullens but did not succed.

I think his second priority was just that to see if the cullens had kept their promise about he was jealous of what Carlisle had he wanted it all for him self so when he saw it he new he could not win he gave up. But I do not think this is the end of the Volturi they will try again we should only hope.

I got my questions backward. Sorry

Alice and Edward were ertainly valuable to Aro, along with Bella and Nesse he would certainly want to have them as part of his guard, and definatley did want to separate them

I totally agree with you, it isn't the last time they will hear from the Volturi, they will find a reason to return

Thanks for sharing

G x


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