The Twilight Saga

Volturi versus Cullens! What do you think were Aro’s goals?

Question: No1. What do you think was Aro’s primary reason for taking his Volturi Army to Forks Washington?

Question : No. 2 How would you prioritize (put in order of importance) what you feel his secondary goals were ?

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion on this topic, to help us both understand the "Twilight Saga" better, and to enjoying it even more.

Most Sincerely, Doc B
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Dear Tara, YOUR MIND ISN'T CLEAR! Today as I was leaving Cosco, in my head I was writing a short essay about Caesar Aurelius's wonderful book Meditations. When it hit me that I had absolutely positively no idea where I had parked my car. But by pushing my cart up one row and down the other for 15 minutes, I got both a good work out and finished writing my essay.(So I understand your clarity point)

T"Carlisle was a born leader, and they knew that" DB If there is one characteristic that all tyrannical leaders (like Aro) seem to have it's paranoia.
t"Carlisle's decency scared the crap out of them. DB Beautifuly said. There is nothing more terrifying to "people of the lie" than a decent man. (I read that some place.)

T "Loving family" DB Home run. The saga is a 2000 page study of love and its impact on those it comes in contact with. The 3 stooges from Volteria probably laughed for a decade about Carlyle's naivete after he left. BUT CARLISLE made his vision work. Bella's love is the theme of the saga. But it was Carlisle's love that made it all possible. Over and over again Carlisle had been tested. I am certain that when both Esme and Edward killed humans, it broke his heart (yes, I believe Carlisle had a great heart.) But he just kept loving. When he is describing Edward to Bella he is describing a son he loves.

"Edward choose her, she is one of us now." Not only am I not ashamed I am proud of you my son.". Quite a man.

T "Even the wives, see we are a family too" Doc B "WOW!!! That is the very first time I have ever heard of an explanation, as to why the wives were brought to Forks (to everyone else's surprise) very, very insightful.

"T" They would have seen an immortal child as a sign of cockiness DB That particular thought of yours was very hard for me to understand at first, because it is perfectly logical.
You see I had the CSPAN TV channel on today. So after listening to several hours of different Senators speeches to hear a concept which not only was perfectly logical, but also makes common sense, of course sounded alien to me at first.

Wonderful insightful observations. Your post was particularly helpful in understanding this event. I love the way that the opinion of each respondent adds a little more to our overall understanding. It doesn't matter how many times you read the saga. Seeing an event from multiplr points of view cant be topped.

Your friend,
Doc B

Even Bear's appreciate a helping hand, when they are trying to solve a problem.

Just one short story. After I first read Twilight I was trying to remember a quote. So I googled Twilight Quotes: And got this one web site. I had reviewed an excellent list of quotes when I noticed a qualifying statement by the web sites author it said.
It is possible that quotes 125 to 200 may not be word perfect. BECAUSE MY DOCTOR ORDERED THAT THE NURSES TAKE ALL OF MY TWILIGHT BOOKS AWAY FROM ME, so I have been forced to work from MEMORY!
Great story Doc!


Your mad, your post made perfect sense and was correct on all facts

Think said it all in his reply for me so i'm in agreement with him t ;)

G x

Mighty Oaks from small acorns Grow

Aw adorable in both pictures :)
I think you said that very clearly, Tara. I have never thought about the Volturi assuming the Cullens created Nessie on purpose. Very insightful!
Dear Leah,
I agree entirely with you Tara's opinion was both insightful and EASILY UNDERSTOOD. Her observation that The Volturie could have interpreted the Cullen's creation of an "immortal child" as an act of open defience or a flagarent display of contempt for their authority.

Was (as is so often typical of Tara's opinions) insightful, brilliant and perfectly logical.

My response that after listening to what is put out on the TV news broadcasts, as being truthful is in reality so ILLOGICAL that it can make the appreciation of opinions such as the one Tara expressed harder to understand. Was an attempt, on my part to be ironic: A form of whit where the opposite of the obvious is often stated.
I am sorry if my attempt failed. And anyone misunderstood my observation as implying that Tara's observation was less than clear. When my goal was, just the oppositem to point out both the logic and sound reasoning of her observation.

ps Moral of the story. Bears anbd irony don't always mix.

Thank you Leah for allowing me to correct an observation which I would not want to have been misunderstood. Doc B
Thanks, Doc. I thought that's what you meant, but it is hard to "read" folks online. I agree bears and irony don't always mix. :-)
i def. agree with what leah said.
Aro is very threaten by the cullens because with, bella they have a secret weapon aro doesn't knw what she will be when she turn immortal.
as for the fight he probably wanted to kill of the cullens since jane an her brother would be close enough to check on the status of the cullens.
the volturi relay to much on the power they have, an having a few of the culllens join there rank would make them even more so.

The Volturi rely to much on the power they have - Brilliant that is exactly it, the Cullens have threatened that, but if they were to join it, they would be ever more stronger

Good thinking

G x
A pleasant day.....

Ithink maybe aro wants to remove any treat....the cullen's coven is the second largest coven(-so far known by the volturi-)next to i think he want to remove the treat by dissolving the coven's most vital members, Edward and Alice particularly......

Remove the threat, totally agree with you


G x


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