The Twilight Saga

Volturi versus Cullens! What do you think were Aro’s goals?

Question: No1. What do you think was Aro’s primary reason for taking his Volturi Army to Forks Washington?

Question : No. 2 How would you prioritize (put in order of importance) what you feel his secondary goals were ?

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion on this topic, to help us both understand the "Twilight Saga" better, and to enjoying it even more.

Most Sincerely, Doc B
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Thank you Rachel. I agree from the begining aro wanted to destroy the Cullens.

I agree with your comment, and i think it wasn't just caius who wanted action. They saw the cullens as a threat action would only be a way to destroy and separate the cullens

Great Thanks

G x
I think that Aro was 1. threatened by the sheer size of the Cullen Family (Nest). I think the wanted to take them out before they got any stronger. What he doesn't realize it that they just want to live together as a true family. They wont over throw the Volturi because they really don't care to not because they cant. I think they could. 2. I think that if we would have picked a fight he would have picked and choose who he would have saved and offered a job with his clan. I think he would have tried to take some of the shifters. 3. I think it boils down to being a Freudian thing.

agree with you on every point, i think it is mirrored throughout this discussion..

Conquer and divide and destroy

Good observation



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