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As soon as I read that Bella was pregnant the first time I read BD I thought to myself, if it's a girl it will probably be named after Alice somehow. I think Stephenie should've at least made the middle name Alice after everything she did for Bella and Edward and all the times she saved them. Without Alice saving the day several times they would'nt have ended up together. I guess the whole Renesme Carlie idea is kinda cool but I still think it would've been cooler if she was named after her coolest aunt = )

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yeah alice did a lot for bella and edward, so i agree w/ u, but i also want rosalie name.. i like them rosa and alice.. but i think bella decision named her daughter after their parents its good cause she honor her parents just for respect.. and about E.J its really creepy yeah ur right ryan its scary.. LOL..
true she just was thinking about here two moms and edwards dad saved her numerous times
Stephenie wanted a Unique name for a one of a kind baby soo she made up her own and it happend to be that one....
yeah i've read that she said that. it makes sense
yea i read that to.. maybe she could of added Alice in there somewhere???


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