The Twilight Saga

Ok so i have to ask if you like werewolves of vampires better.

you can also pick human or neither

p.s. If someone already started a discussion on this i am sorry i looked it up but did not get anything please don't get mad at me if someone already started this discussion

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i like both a lot... i think it depends on which werewolf or vampire u r talkin about (4 example, b2 edward and sam, i choose edward!!)
but in general, i think they both have amazing characteristics, like sparkling, phasing, sparkling, hottness, etcetc

which one do u prefer??
i prefer vampires but i like werewolves 2 and i am with you on that though but i am talking about in general and i like the characteristics
but i would have to go with vampires what about u
mmm... i think that i have a lil inclination 4 vampires (haha edward might b the cause of that.. imagine encountering a vampire like him! XD), but i luv the whole history thing bout the werewolves, how it's part of themselves, not as vamps, that they r changed without an actual reason
yeah me to but i still like vampires but just the cullen clan because they try to live without drinking human blood were the others drink human blood and don't even think about it.. werewolves i also like them but they have a temper when they get mad and can change against there will
edward isn't horrible!! jacob isn't that bad either, they r both awesome =)
thank you!! i agree! stop hating on edward! there would be no twilight without him. period. for the record, jacob and the others, as it turns out, were not even werewolves. they could just as easily have been lions or tigers or bears. oh, my! :)
of course they do, but they are not actually rivals. werewolves and vampires have always been enemies and the fact that it turns out that jacob and the rest of the pack are not actual werewolves and therefore able to coexist peacefully is part of the genius and happy ending that makes the series what it is.
haha u r so right!! without edward, there wouldn't be an interesting plot; more than 3/4 of all the girls obssesed with twilight r fans cos of him, he is like perfection... although without jacob, there wouldn't b a plot either, the other quarter of girls that like it i think it's cos of him... and his abs =)
exactly! they are both important, but the books are a love story about a vampire and a human, what that entails and of course, as if that weren't a great enough story, SM throws in jacob and that makes it even more interesting!! been meaning to ask you, who is that in your pic next to the heart? :)
haha u think the same way i do!! =P
is cam gigandet!!! the one who plays james... he is soo hott!! haha
that's what i thought! he's the hottest of all of them! have you seen never back down?
noo!! gosh i want to see it!! haha i knew bout that movie like 5 mnths ago, and i haven't been able to see it yet... it's on my list though!

have u?? is it good??


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