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What did Alice mean when she said "I don't understand, she already has one diamond on her-" ? I never got that part.

Out of all the times I read that book, I never understood what Alice meant by that. It's driving me crazy ! If anyone knew what she was talking about can you please tell me, it would be really helpful. Please and Thanks ! <3 :)

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Did it not mean the braclet with the heart shaped diamond..?
Jacob gave her a bracelet with a wooden carved wolf on it for her birthday. Edward wanted to add something "used" (something he didn't buy because she had issues with him spending money on her). He added a 5 carat diamond heart to that bracelet. She mistakenly took it as a crystal...
and edward didnt correct coz he knew how bella felt about gifts
Exactly! Bella, wasn't worldly enough to recognize a 5k heart diamond. But Jake even called it a "rock" in reference to being just like Edward.
Thanks guys ! :)
Thank you for raising that question i was never sure myself but i think he was talking about the bracelet.


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