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to be honest i was disappointed with the ending. it seemed a bit rushed and not very well planned to me. that being said i still liked the book. i would have liked it better if bela would have had a normal pregnancy and not known if nessie was going to be vampire or human or both, it would have been more surprising. i also think that they should have abolished the bad vampires. is there a possibility that steph may make another book?

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I liked breaking dawn and i think that the end was great....but i don't think there will be another book (except midnight sun)
wat is midnight sun?
i dont think there wil be either but i can keep dreaming i guess.. lol i think it would be cool if she made nessies story
yes because we don't know if nessie and jacob will end up together....that would be great....
omg the book was interesting...but i loved it
yes there is a possibility that she might its called midnight sun
midnight sun is twilight from edwards perspective is it not? i read like the first half of it

Um... Yep it is...It's just that Stephanie did not continue it...

Hey! I´m sooo disappointed with this book... I can´t believe Jacob forgot Bella just like that... and imprinted on her daughter... I think I´d love to read a different end to this love triangle... I don´t know I would have liked for Bella to stay human for a couple of years and if she was pregnant to have a normal pregnancy... something for close to what the other books were like...

Love&peace, Deby.
not every vampire book has to have the same "rules" thats why i liked twilight

i though it was fine he imprinted on nessie it cleared alot of things up.


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