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to be honest i was disappointed with the ending. it seemed a bit rushed and not very well planned to me. that being said i still liked the book. i would have liked it better if bela would have had a normal pregnancy and not known if nessie was going to be vampire or human or both, it would have been more surprising. i also think that they should have abolished the bad vampires. is there a possibility that steph may make another book?

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i loved breaking was my fav book out of the series..but i didnt like the ending only because i didnt want it to end.
I only liked it because Bella becomes a vampire.
i thought it was perfect! genius!!
I loved breaking dawn. The honeymoon was done beautifully and it wasn't too too explicit which I liked.Then it was interesting the way she made the pregnancy end, with the only reason Bella actually had to deliver like she did was because the placenta detatched not allowing Renesmee to breathe. I also thought it was a really cool idea to have Bella's ''gift'' besides her sheild. And although I truely wish she would make another book its not gonna happen. steph has said that she won't be making another book. She said the rest of their lives will be up to us to decide or something similar to that.. The only book there is a possibility of being published in the twilight saga is Midnight Sun, which there is a possibility won't be published either. *sigh*

i agree with you it was varry good a

I love this book. I think it is the best book ever! And i like the end, Stephanie Meyer couldn´t make better book.

i loved the movie i have to be honest i liked the book a littel more but it was stell really good


I really wish she would write another one. Maybe about Renesmee when she is older and how she adjusts to being different. If her and Jacob become a true couple. And of course how the rest of the Cullen's are doing!

Breaking Dawn is the best book I ever read. But I really didn't like the ending...Its like every other good saga a happily ever after..Why can't something big happen and just leave us anxious to find out whats going to happen next ?  There has to be another book because Stepienie Meyer has to tell us about Jacob and Renesmee's life together.

loved it couldnt stop watching it

I wish she had a normal one too.But it did give edward a reason to change bella.


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