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Nessie is a half-vampire, and Jake a werewolf. What kind of child will they become if Nessie will be pregnant...???

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idk it'll probally depend on how Renesmee grows up, and i think she has hard skin right?
how do you mean this? her dna won´t change, when she grows up diffrent then now
No her Dna will Not change other then the fact she will stop aging..Renesmee has a hard layer skin just as the Vampire's due so i think it may be difficult for her to bear children due to that fact..and then if they had to rip her open in order to get the child out Renesmee would have to be Saved just as Bella was and in turn Become fully Immortal!!
wait, what if renesmee doesn't like jacob?
Have you ever seen,''UnderWorld Evolution'' Well remember How the likens got to Micheal and injected him with the Werewolf Gene,And then he was almost Killed by Victor but Selene Bit him making him Half Vampire & Half Werewolf an well his Human side was still just as strong as the other Two sides making it Possible for him to go out in the daylight,Well there ya go,That will be exactly what Her and Jacob's Child would be Like!!
r so rite i never looked at it from that angle but they did do that in UNDERWORLD. but wont their child still sparkle
I really don't think so,With Jacob's dark complexion and Renesmee's Human Half i think it will out way the Half Vampire side of her gene,Plus remember the whole Imprinting thing is a result of who they are More compatible with ''Meaning to pass the Shape-shifting Gene ,So No matter what Renesmee & Jacob's child will be A Shape-shifter,Now the real question is will the human half out way the Vampire half since Renesmee & Jacob are Both Half Human?I think Yes it most definitly would!!
i have absolutely no idea
that would be interesting to find out
like a baby who grows even faster than renesmee and she drinks blood and has a heartbeat and can turn into a wolf and have like super cool vampire powers
even cooler that renesmee's edwards and bella's
that ld be like super cool
the that baby could like fall in love with a different mythical creature
and have another super cool baby
they could create a whole nother species

yeah, that´s a great idea!^^ rofl
that is IF she does another book.... (pretty please Steph...)
But i would be so cool to have another book!!! SOOOO exciting!!!
We know it's up to Sm to decide we are purely Speculating,"theories" On which way it could Possibly go for Jacob and Nessie to have a child or if it would even Be Possible!! And we also know that there may never be another Book period,So i guess you could say we are just Having fun with it finding different ways for it to continue!..
or it could just hop out of renesmee´s body, and would be an adult already


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