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Nessie is a half-vampire, and Jake a werewolf. What kind of child will they become if Nessie will be pregnant...???

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IDK about the kids, like really they would be half human, fourth vampire, fourth werewolf. Their geneology would be insanly complicated. Do they drink blood, can they phase etc...
an immortal werewolf?!
well i think we should ask stephenie. she still owns the right to change anything or to retain something in her saga. she is the only person who would know what will happen to jacob and nessie
So how cool would it be, because Jacob is not really a Werewolf, but a shape shifter, what if their child could be an immortal shape-shifter and shape into any animal he/she wants even an eagle. Then it could fly. Ha ha. SM totally set it up that she could write another book easily. There was foreshadowing that the Volturi would come back, plus I am sure there are a lot of dangers that would face a couple like Jacob and Renesmee.
ummm that would be weird i thought jacob didnt think of nessie that way...

I think that the child will be half werewolf and a quarter human and vampire. It will have human skin, but be exceptionally warm, warmer than Jacob and Renesmee put together. It will have vampire abilities, like super-speed and strength and a vampire gift, and it will have the choice between blood and human food. But at the same time, when it grows old enough, it will be able to change into a wolf like the other wolves, depending on how fast it grows. And that's pretty dangerous. A vampire who can change into a werewolf- that would mean vampire strength multiplied by werewolf muscle. Any child of Renesmee and Jacob's would be badass. 

i think if they have a girl shell be biracial of course but look like renesmee and be half vampire half werewolf  and if they have a boy he will look like jacob and be half vamp half wolf like his sis.


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