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Becs and I were wondering exactly where the movie would be split up. We think it will be right before Renesmee is born. What do YOU think?

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Even though i thought it would split right after or right before she has nessie, this sounds more logical for the director. Only then on part 2 you would have to have read the books to realize that its jacob now!
I think it should stop when Renesme is takin out and Edward gives her to Bella and Bella holds her to her and....The End
Thats what I was thinking . . . . do you have Edward powers?
Haha, maybe :P

i think when she has rennesme because we know what happens then it stops want ing more than get the other part watch it and it will start right there
I think that it should end with Bella's "death" (with Jacob thinking she is dead) and either him getting ready to kill the baby or possibly him seeing the baby for the first time with his face changing from hatred to confusion to complete devotion.
i agree
I totaly agree. im pretty sure ur right cuz they probably wanna skip that sceane.
i just reread that sceane last night. lol
When Edward and Bella have arrived to the airport and Bella seeks Rosalie's help.
I'm pretty sure that it ends either right when she opens her eyes as a vampire... At least that's what a bunch of websites say(:

Yes, I agree with you Carolin... when I first heard that the movie would be split in two parts, that's exactly where I told my daughters I'd like the first one to end at.  I loved the description of how differently she saw the world... I hope the movie captures that at least, regardless of where they decide to keep us hanging for that finale.  I'm so excited it's already May.... only about 6 months to go!!!!  Woo-hoooo!!!!!


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