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Becs and I were wondering exactly where the movie would be split up. We think it will be right before Renesmee is born. What do YOU think?

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I think its should also stop after the is handed to Bella. i can't wait to see this movie bout i have a question, is there talk about Robert not coming back to the movie?? If so that will really suck
I think it should when Bella opens her eyes for the first time as a vampire and the camera zooms in on her bright red eyes.

I must agree that a whole year between the release of Pt1 & Pt2 seems a little excessive!!!!

I can't wait till November, BD is my fave novel in the Twilight Saga.
I like the idea of having it end with the end of Bella's immortal life. I know there was talk of doing something in 3D (not sure how I feel about that) but it might be neat if it ended with her closing her eyes as a human and part 2 started with her opening her eyes as a vampire, in 3D with her new view of the world and red eyes. Since the story is told from Bella's pov, if it was in 3D it would give viewers the feeling of seeing things from Bellas new point of view- more vivid. Wherever it ends, I cannot fricking wait.

I think when Bella's eyes open up for the first time as a vampire, I imagine it like Bella's in the bed and her eyes snaps open and it's crimson :))

I think it should end when Bella's heart stops and Jacob sees Renesmee.

I can just imagine seeing his look of heartsickness changing into utter joy when he saw her.

It would be just perfect if it was split when Jacob imprints on Renesmee and hears the faint thummer of bella's heart upstairs!..that would be so correct!..

I think they should stop stop at wwhen bella open her eyes


i think its really going to stop when renesmeee is born and pulled out of Bella. that just sounds like something hollywood would do.
i think they should stop the movie when they find out kate has told the vultori about renesme
i think it should be right when bella opens her eyes as a newborn vampire.

It should NOT be two movies anyways, but since it is....


I think they will split when Bella is turning into a vampire, or maybe when she first opens her eyes.


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