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Now,Breaking Dawn part one has to end somewhere or it would just be one movie right?
So where do you think theyll end,the movie?
As soon as Bella Awakes?
After Nessie is born?
When book 2 "Jacob" ends?
I think as soon as Bella opens her eyes after becoming a vampire!

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My mom (yes, my mom) and I have been contemplating the same thing. We agree with you, we think it will cut off as soon as Bella opens her eyes after the tranformation. But there's no way to be sure until we see the movie!!
I think either after she opens her eyes or when she closes them after giving birth to Nessie. Then Part 2 will start with her waking up and Edward in the backround asking Alice when Bella will wake up if it worked.
I think it should end the moment Jacob sees Renesmee, and his world changes. I love that last part of Jacob's book.

I think that's one of my favorite parts too. If it ends there, they will have so many people to come see part 2. (as if they weren't already) lol.

Spoiler alert : First part is finishing when Bella (as a vampire now) open her eyes.. Literally all cinema gasp with that ending i am telling ya!

they went a lot farther then i thout they would i well only tell you if you wont me to

i think it will end immediatelly edward injects the venom into bella's heart.

the part two will begin with bella waking up as a new born VAMPIRE


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