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Whos character do you think you are like?

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Bella hand's down because she and i don't like to go shopping for cloths and stuff along those lines, both of us are into reading and going to book stores though
umm.....alice because im tiny, and everyone who doesnt know me underestimates me, or leah because im not comfertable around weird ppl. haha.
edward beacuse i am willing to help out but she
I identify a lot with Alice, and a little with Bella; I know, I know people may say that they're like Bella all the time, but I am like her in the way that I am extremely clumsy, I have been known to trip over my own two feet and fall going up the stairs to my house; I also feel that I am quite a loner and I'm not usually understood by people my age. I feel that I identify with Alice in the sense that I am sort of the odd ball in my family and I am concerned for my family and the small amount of friends that I do have.
I guess Bella because
1. I love Edward.
2. I wouldn't mind being a Cullen vampire.
3. I get cold easily.
4. I don't like to make a big deal out of things (like with the parties, but I wouldn't be a brat about it like she was. I would love that wedding though.)
5. I don't care for clothes shopping.
6. I'm clumsy. I have a lot of Bella moments. I trip over my own two feet, stub my toe, and nearly twist my ankle when I go running (occasionally).

Ii took a quizz on that subject on the web and it turned ot that im like bella and alice (i do not know why alice but...)


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