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we all know Breaking Dawn part 1 will be released next November whos excited for the movie and what part are you most Excited about.I am excited to see Edward and Bella's wedding.

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I really want to see their wedding and how bella looks like when she's changed and the wedding dress and I really want Nessie to be CGI and I want to see the new hotties added to the cast the battle of course!! Haha
the wedding of course and he part she tells edward she is pregnant thtas goin to be hilarious
The wedding scene and when she finds out she's pregnant, I doubt it would be hilarious (at least not to me). Wonder in what part they'll cut it an leave us with the doubt during a year.

I think they are going to cut it right at the birth scene, I think the part 1 is going to end with Jacob's POV and then part 2 will start with Bella's transformation.


i hope not.....i would like to see her transformation....then they can cut it...and have us start back up the moment when she's about to jump out the window to hunt
All of it I can't say I want to see one part over another!! The killer is going to be waiting a year to see part 2!!
There are several scenes for me...........when Edward and Bella  tell Charlie they are getting married........Jacob and Rosalie with the Blondie jokes(hope they keep them in there), Bella as a vampire and how they will handle the ending of Breaking Dawn 2 since there really isn't any fighting in the book at the end....
yeah...them telling charlie is going to be a good one....HA.....ha ha ha! charlie is too cool!
i'm definitly exited for the movie to come out...but with the three last movies i've learned not to anticiapte much...because each time i've looked forward for some partcular scene i've been dissapoined
I also want to see how the movie handle's Bella's reaction as she discovers that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee.  In the book as a result of her rage, Bella attacks Jacob and Seth protects Jacob by jumping in the way...and Bella's dislocates his shoulder and collarbone.........
Just the waiting is enough to drive me mad - not once but twice.  I figure the end of the world can happen just after I've seen Part 2 for the fourth time.
i am so looking forward to the weeding....not so much the sex scene because really there is no scene in the book...but i do want to see her face as she sees  the feathers in her hair....too funny... and his face when she tells him that she is pregnant....ooh the part when jacob forms his own pack...that mind battle between him and sam is going to be sooooooo cool....they have to keep that in the movie!


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