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I'm just wondering why you hate the site and want to hack it they have done nothing wrong.

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No, I do not. But you are anyway, so there's no point.
Whats wrong with a open-minded anti being here I'm not causing any harm.
Be glad you don't have the extreme antis coming on here. They're much worse. I don't believe they know of this place though.
What do you mean by "much worse"?
Well they would probadly bash and rant here I think Strangegirl can tell you about them.
I believe you saw my Fans vs Antis thread, correct?
Did you see that they burn the books, they steal and tear others' books, they condemn you for being a fan and call you a troll if you dare ask why they don't like the books in a polite tone.

I don't like any of that which is why I've left that site behind.
Oh, then I dont blame you for coming here if there are people like that on!
Yea I'm still on the site but I do not get on it very much but I could see why you left.
ya, you have no right. so watch your mouth next time you feel like hacking it and telling someone about it. bad call
i have a ? y do u hate twilight
I'm not impressed by Edward not one bit Bella is boring the realtionship is very unhealthy some of the Twihards.
I don't like it because I'm just not interested in romance and I like the classic take on vampires. I like when they scare me. Plus I get bored with 'perfect people'.


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