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I'm just wondering why you hate the site and want to hack it they have done nothing wrong.

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I know, right? The people at Twilightsucks certainly aren't sitting around plotting to hack Twilight sites. It's kinda silly.
I honeslty think that everyone is entitled to there opinions..
And as long as they don't come here and bash-then there isn't a problem..
They know there place -and we know ours.
We wouldn't go to there site bashing them-it wouldn't make any sense..
I know there are some anti-Twilighters on this site-some are my friends & i don't mind..
Why? You ask.. I'll tell you-they haven't done anything to me personaly and as long as there is a right to freedom of speech and freedom of creativity and freedom to listen, be heard and opinionate then we can choose to look and listen and read whatever we want..
If we subject ourselves to what they say and to reading it-then you are at your own defences and NO ONE can save you..
If you get mad-get mad at yourself for reading it..
Two thumbs up here. Very good argument
i think, b/c they're INTIMIDATED by EDWARD. . .lolz. ^^
and they know that VAMPIRE'S are not real so why be crazy about it??

idk too.. it's just my opinion. . .^^
I think they just don't like all the hype about Twilight. Really, if you spend time there, it's just a place for like-minded people to get together and have a few laughs and discuss the books. So what if they hate Twilight? That's their business and it should mean nothing to you fans.
i know. .you're absolutely right. .
can they just let us be???
mind their own business. . i mean, it's our business that we LOVE twilight. .so why do they give a damn about it and bother us all. .

i wish they would stop. .
Well, some anti-fans bug Twilight fans, but there are also Twilight fans who bug anti-fans. It's a two-way street.
well. that explains it. .
never ending battle huh. .
Yep. Ah well. It's that way with everything. There are people who like, people who hate, and people in the middle (like me).
If the anti is from Twilight Sucks! they aren't allowed to troll sites. And I can understand where you guys are coming from. If a group of people came on my anime forum saying how stupid all my favorite anime is, I'd be pretty pissed too. That's why I'm just sticking to the hate threads.
Yeah...I have nothing against fans, but rabid Twihards are the things that get to me. >< It isn't fair for them to call us stupid and idiotic and things like that when we're just stating our opinion and having fun with it. -eyeroll-
A bunch of 12 year olds with horrid grammar "plotting" against them must be comical.


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