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Why do u think ... bella prefers edward then Jacob ... is it becoz of Jacob is a wolfe and bella likes vampires more??? .. or what... in New Moon the movie... Jacob is quite handsome as Edward because he has cut his hair... :D

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sorry no pics or anything fancy .. Im new in this website....
have you read all the books
i would say because there is that change Edward could kill her within seconds, He proves he loves her by not killing her!!! It's kinda hot in a strange way lol

Read the books and you'll understand
Jacob in new moon is is definately hot bt Bella is just way too crazy about Edward.i wud say she loves Edward more cause the first tym they met there was a spark,lyk love on impact.
hope ya dnt mind we added pic for u lol
lol it is hot! a strange way...but i think that the only reason why bella really likes Edward at least in the book is because he is more handsome, compared to Jacob.
I asked myself the same question a million times, I don't get it either, Edward has been pretty annoying to me the whole time and Jacob has been fantastic, happy, funny, caring, would have given his life for her, he never left, kept fixing her up and being used over and over again. Jacob is also very HOT (I don't get Edwards looks, or the lack off), and most of all he did not Sparkle......oh lets not forget Jacob is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! The whole Wolf Pack is awesome!!!

in new moon edward and jacob are hot there is really no comparison
im not sure!!!


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