The Twilight Saga

if yes, what will be his/her name?

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I probably would name my child after the characters of Twilight. I love the names Bella, Rosalie and Esme
If I have a daughter I would call her Isabella, in my country is not common! LOL*
Though I'd love to, especially the name Carlisle I love, but sadly I won't be do it because I don't want to put my kid through the horror of explaining HOW to pronounce his name over and over. I live in Belgium, to be precise: West-Flanders and that's a part of Belgium where the dialectic sounds are a bit more profound than in other parts of Belgium.
So to name my kid with an English name, would be perfect for me because it would show my love for English, England and Twilight but it would ruin my kid's changes of a "normal name"
Though, I'm still doubting :-P Anyone else has this problem?
a pleasant day......

probably yes....i really love the combination of the names....bella particularly....
Isabella Marie..very lovely....indeed...


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