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if yes, what will be his/her name?

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yes i will but propabli my family will kill me cause they said that i'm crazy about twilight jijij
they don't understand how addicting it is !
my family think that im really addicted to twilight but yes i will name a child after a twilight character and probably i will named it after EDWARD......LOL
My friends and family are always saying that I'm crazy jijiji and that they not found the big deal, to them is another movie for my is the best movie of a life far. I probably said that her name wiil be renesme, bella or alice or his name will be Edward, jasper and emmet.
well my friends and classmate call me Twilight girl! or twilight addict!

my mom calls me crazy twilight fanatic

my sister calls me leech (she is a jacob fan and i'm an edward fan)

well whatever they say i don't care!! hahahahahha
her name will be bella or alice and his name will be edward or jacob
I agree.
It would suck if every kid around you was named Edward or
Yeah, but when we hear there's a lot of Bella's and Edward's we will know their parents are fan of The Twilight we would be fun...
But that's just my opinion...
i have a friend that named her daughter Isabella and her nickname is bella its awsome
If she`s a girl, I would name her.... Alice or Leah. Or maybe Renesmee.
If he`s a boy....Edward or Jacob.
I have already had my kids, but I might have considered Bella for my daughter's name.
yes i would bella, alice, edward, jacob


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