The Twilight Saga

Girls would you rather date Edward or Jacob
Boys would you rather date Rosalie or Bella

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I think you should have put Jasper and James. And i would date Jacod
that is an isult to every Edward fan that ever was
I love ur answers!!! haha XD

I shall adopt this name for him as well!!! haha
you are so right!!!! people who like edweird are just weird and shallow - and he IS a stalker. not to mention he creeps in her bedroom like a pedophile. though to be fair he DOES think he's evil, which is pretty much right
Edward because he's not as wierd but then Jake cuz he couldn't read my mind
edward isnt as weird as jake? jacob is WAY more normal and awesome
I would rather date edward because he is sweet,gorgeous,over protective which shows that he really loves bella,and does really cool things.Like running,that would be sooo fun!He is also a musician.SO am i!he is also a genius with a sense of humor.I like that,i hate people who r know-it-alls and people who can't be serious.
I LUV Edward so I would date Edward DUH
if it was a choice between jasper and emmet,i pick emmet.
i wouldnt date n-e guy frm da saga. im happy wit my love life da way it is.
Stop calling him Edweird its Edward he is way more sefisticated than you will ever be
hmm... I don't think the girls would rather or boys would rather are true. It really depends on who you are, like some people like Jasper and Emmett(and Carlisle) too, and some Alice(and Esme).


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