The Twilight Saga

Girls would you rather date Edward or Jacob
Boys would you rather date Rosalie or Bella

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what about Jessic Simpson
Edward ofcourse.. he is rich, so he can bring me in a five star hotel for a date LOL...
i'm a girl and i would not just date edward i would be with him forever ............good question by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd not date anyone in the Twilight Saga at all.
you suck
exactly right
Id probably pic Edward..... If being a vampire gets me someone like him sign me up.....
uhmmmm....i don't have quite interest in jac0b!!!
so,for me,Edward!!!=Plike him!!!!he's a good
Edward!!! =)
thank you for all the support and compliments
Girls would you rather date Jasper or Emmett
Boys would you rather date Alice or Rosalie


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