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I have a few questions, and I know that I won't get and actual answer, but I would really like some theories.

In the third book, Rosalie tells her story, saying she only killed 7 people, but never once drank human blood, saying that she did even better than Esme. So I really want to know. How many Humans did Esme kill? What Do You Think?

And another thing, I know that Alice doesn't remember her life, but what about after she became a vampire, did she kill any humans? How long was she a vampire before she had a vision of Jasper and then went to find him.

I've been wondering these things for a while now.

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Alice's first memory as a vampire is of Jazz and the Cullens. Alice never drank human blood because she new how she would live. Esme may have fallen off by sheer accident, she would only have to drink human blood once to lose to Rosalie in this case.
Yes,thats true.
But I'm just wondering, if it may have been more then once, she may be the sweetest kindest person around, but she's still a vampire, and it's really hard for them at first.
I wish there was a way to ask Stephenie, she says she as everyone's story.
Yeah, when is that going to be out again?
I can't even begin to speculate about Esme but I would assume that since she brought her strong compassion and love from her mortal life into her immortal life, it would be hard to imagine that she would ever harm any other creature on purpose.
And it says in the book that Alice began her immortal life with a conscience so she never killed anyone. At least that is how I understood it. Correct me it I'm wrong.
Well, in the book is says that Rosalie did better then even Esme, that is all I am trying to figure out, but nobody knows the actual answer except for Stephenie.
I think that Esme killed a few human (I'd guess about 20) but no where near as many as Jasper or Edward

And I think that Alice also killed a few human before she had her vision of Carlisle and how the Cullens lived. After that maybe she started to hunt only animals while she waited for Jasper
I think esme probably ties with edward if not any humans at all.
Remember alice sees the immediate future wasn't that long!
ok i looked it up in twlight. on pages 447 &448 james tells bella about alice. he wanted her but there was an old vamp at the assylum alice was in. so when found out james wanted her he took her to the woods and changed her himself. alice doesnt remember because for most of her kife she was drugged and shock treatments.
EXACTLY.. Thank you for explainign that brittneyfoster.... I have been saying that for a while, but know one seems to read it .
well maybe esme never killed anyone because of her caring motherly like personality,but maybe if anything 2 but if she did she probalbly felt really horrible and guilty
welli remeber from the third book she alice was saying tht she waited about a year 4 jasper, the other q i hav no clue
She didn't wait a year for Jasper, the second she woke up, she had a vision, and right away went to go find Jasper.
And as for Esme, she had to have killed at least one, if Rose did better then her.
No, Bella isn't the only one who didn't drink human blood, Carlisle and Rosalie didn't either.
Rose didn't wait years to get her revenge, she went back not to long after she was transformed, so many a year tops, but no more then that.


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