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I have a few questions, and I know that I won't get and actual answer, but I would really like some theories.

In the third book, Rosalie tells her story, saying she only killed 7 people, but never once drank human blood, saying that she did even better than Esme. So I really want to know. How many Humans did Esme kill? What Do You Think?

And another thing, I know that Alice doesn't remember her life, but what about after she became a vampire, did she kill any humans? How long was she a vampire before she had a vision of Jasper and then went to find him.

I've been wondering these things for a while now.

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hmm....I dunno, but I bet Esme was really upset whenever she killed someone, with her being all kind and all, she has such a sweet character.
Hmmm, good theory Carlyn
I like it.
I kinda think we all might find that answer in the official twilight saga guide.
Esme is an interesting character because of the six Cullens, she seems to get the least attention. There's such a short backstory (she jumped off a cliff) and so little Bella-face-to-face time. I was sorta expecting that we'd get a little bit between the two of them, but nothing really happened. It seems all the Cullens bonded with Bella in some way, and Esme I guess just has kindness to her as a result of her uncanny ability to love. She does play a factor in other ways (Isle Esme, Bella's country cottage), but I was sorta hoping for some personal Bella time.
well i am hoping that in July when the Official Guide comes out...that it will have ur answers!
i am curious now too!
Ohhh, Matt I never even thought about that.
Thanks for the update:)
at most 5 or 6...i would think if she did better than would have to be right????
i think we'll never know about alice.....too bad.....i wish there was more parts of the cullen family in the books....
alice was in an insane assylum before carlise found her. her parents put her there because of the visions. i think it says it in twilight. im not sure. but i did read it somewhere.
Carlisle didn't find her.
She there was a vampire protecting her, she got out out the mental ward, I don't remember how, James, found her, tired to kill her, and the vampire that was protecting her, saved her life, but James killed him.
Alice got away with the James's venom inside her.
She doesn't remember any of that though.
She found Jasper, and went to Carlisle.
Why did she kill them if she didn't do it for blood?
You're right. She did kill those men, but DID NOT DRINK THEIR BLOOD!
Yes, we know that.
That is why is says that Rose did better than even Esme.
She has self control.


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