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they have done this!! look i just found this at



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i hope she will not find out about this

it will hurt her!
Anybody notice that the last cartoon says that the author didn't make anything up and that is really how the story is written, but at the same time it portrays Bella burning the Bible and calling a Priest while it burns? Umm, that's not in the book. In fact the books discuss Christianity and faith and the possibility of vampires having a soul. The whole purpose to them being vegetarian vampires is #1 because they value life and #2 because they think it may still allow them into heaven. Also, it "preaches" waiting until marriage to have sex.
that is

number one: funny, they are very creative!

number 2: sad, it sucks that they have that much time on their hands.

number 3: rude, hellooooo, twilight is the best book ever(except 4 the rest of the saga)

and number 4: as the first person who commented said, the joke is on them. they obviously know enough (and care enough) about twilight that they would write that strip.

that toilet picture is SO funny!!!!!
you know how some twilight lovers go over bored with twilight well maby his or her friends r and the person is getting fed up with it. and i agree those pictures and words are a horrible waste of time instead of making fun of twilight why dont they get a life!
hatered comes in many forms..
And even though this is wrong-it's funny..
but honestly-the whole world can't like Twilight-but if they choose to waste there time doing this-then honestly i have nothing but hate for them back..
If you don't like something-keep it to yourself-but don't make a career out of it..
And that book cover-THAT IS NOT NICE....
but for us to subject ourselves to go to there site-hey-your only causing yourself distress and you know what your getting into... hello "twilight haters.."
I mean come on-i won't even subject myself to that anger...


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