The Twilight Saga

they have done this!! look i just found this at



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Well, at least they must have read the books to come up with their so called humorous that shows that they are Twilight readers themselves and their just making fun of themselves!! The jokes on them!!!

Let them have their fun after all they have nothing better to do with their time...... we have The Twilight Saga!!!!!
look at this!!

twilight toilet Pictures, Images and Photos

i'm disgusted!
You know I kind of feel sorry for them. I mean if they don´t have anything better to do than creating things like this they just don´t have life!!!!

But we on the other hand have TWILIGHTSAGA!!!!!!


they have no life!!!!

we have LIFE!

and that includes the twilight saga!!! :)
Yeah. I mean the series is kind of like this, but they've gone too far. the Twilight Saga ROCKS THEIR SOCKS OFF and they know it. I mean, they should've read the series first to know the whole plot, right?
I whole heartily agree!! Twilight!
ohhh......well then....screw them tooo!!!
Well the fact that they take their time to create these things shows that they care (whether they care for it or care against it) But no matter what, it shows that the books create strong emotions (for both sides!) haha
make sense :)
haha I love that, Charlie the unicorn is great!


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