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I think she could easily do just ONE more book...cause there's soooooooooo many unanswered questions for what happened with Renesmee, Jacob and the pack, the Voltri, and Bella( w/ her sheild?)...and then she could put in stories of how Emmett's human life was and Esme's. Oh and is Bella ever gonna go to college or what? Is she ever gonna she Rene again? I just thought that she could make all of that into a book. Anyone agree?

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Most definately!!!!! Don't forget Charlie and Sue's relationship......there is a ton more we could learn about all of the Cullen family (and their extended families)
yes! And the Volturi! They're not gonna just sit there humiliated!
guess so...anyway if stephenie would make another series everyone else (not fans) would say it's beginning to sound advertisement to Stephenie! ;S
Well i don't mind if she does! i don't care what they think! AS LONG AS I AM HAPPY!
Absolutely! I personally think there should be a book just dedicated to Jacob and Renesmee.
i totally agree with you tat last book really didn't explain what happens to everyone it was just a major cliffhanger
I agree and disagree. If stephenie had went on the all your question would be awnsered, yes but you wouldn't want to create your own story. Every righter i think should leave some things unawnsered so it keeps the reader wanting to know more. on the pther hand i do want to know what happenes to the others.
That's true too. I just hope stephenie atleats writes another book and awnsers most questions. Inless she has writer block XD
yes thank all ya'll for agreeing with me...cause i was just sooo dissappointed at the end of Breaking Dawn...i doubt she is going to make another book...since she wont even finsh Midnight Sun....but hey i still hope.
Exactly! I bet she could use it...if an author is how she makes her living...then well she's got write alot of books. Why not start w/ finishing Midnight Sun atleast?
YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course their should be I'm up to rereading the entire series three times!!!! We need a new book


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