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In the final chapter when Bella and Edward were in their meadow, do you think Edward was truly serious when he decided that the deal was off, OR do you think he was manipulating her so she would realize that she really did want the same things as he did?

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I truly believe he meant that the deal was off. Because when Bella describe the look in his eyes it was so serious. Anyway I thought that scene was funny because if they did have sex then she would have been all brusied up.
hahahaha I also think he was serious.
Good Question...I think it was serious. He just couldn't take it anymore.but some people are asking why she would stop him, she wanted it and so she should have done it...My answer to that is, Why give in now. Also the Wedding was her "Goodbye" to Charlie and Renee she wanted to give that to them, and to Alice, Why break the deal when they were so close.
I Don't Really Think He Could Have Been Anymore Serious.
im not quite sure. i think he wanted both u know? maybe at the moment he was feeling like he was extremely physically attracted to her by doing what he began to do, but at the same time, he probably wanted to test her will and judgement against his own. however, he seemed pretty serious. even i got goosebumps reading it out of shock, but that's the thing wit vamps or shall i say Edward,you don't always know what he's feeling.
I think he meant the deal was off.
Like he said he was tired of doing things his way and Bella getting hurt.
He felt as if he was making her choose something because she didn't really have a choice.
And nothing is more important to him than Bella's happiness.
I think he was serious, for the most part. He could have been manipulating her slightly, but i think by that time he would have had enough of the games and would just want to be with bella.
I honestly believe that Edward was telling Bella the truth in the meadow. At this point I'm pretty sure he could see the mess all of this manipulating between him and Jacob had done to her and he just wanted her to be happy and give her what she wants not what he thinks she wants.
I' don't think he was serious. I Also think he was just manipulating her. It's like everything else, after u "make-out" for so long u want more, he just wanted to make Bella see that she really did want to wait until she was married first. I for one really love the fac that she made them showed good character on her part and it also is a good role model for the litle kids that read these books....we all know teen prego's are on the rise.
I believe he was pretty serious. He wanted to give Bella what she wanted so she'll stop going going about everything in order to please everyone. Alice, her parents, Edward..
i think he truly meant deal off... edward isnt like that...
I believe that while Edward truly meant the deal was off, he didn't mean it completely the way he said it.

I really believe that he said the deal was off, because Bella isn't doing ANYTHING for her... Sure she had moments where she was really selfish and did stupid things for her because she wanted to hear Edwards voice in New Moon. But when you think of it... when it came to her life, she give it all up for someone she loved. She was willing to be "the third wife" from the story to save anyone from dying, She is doing this wedding to make people happy, she went to face james alone for fear of her mom dying, she was willing to do anything she could so that her family and loved ones would be alive.

its about time, when it comes to her and Edward, and her mortality that she does something becasue she wants it. Really Edward wants the deal off, because he keeps hurting her. Edward KNOWS that he can manipulate his "prey" that is part of him, but he never tries to manipulate for self gain..


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