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In the final chapter when Bella and Edward were in their meadow, do you think Edward was truly serious when he decided that the deal was off, OR do you think he was manipulating her so she would realize that she really did want the same things as he did?

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I agree.
he definitely believed in the deal off.. he saw how much bella was trying to do what everyone wanteed and he felt like bad for her so he wanted to make her feel... m... good? like without complications or connditions
he was definitely serious, because he would have given bella anything haha. but i think its good she stopped him. because he had no headboard or pillows to rip apart XD
i think he was serious.
i mean, he could see she didn't want it, and all he's ever wanted to do is make her happy. he wouldn't force her to do something she wouldn't want to do. and he realised that in the end, so i think he truly meant it. :) x
I think he truly meant the deal was off. Somehow, I can't see Edward saying something just to manipulate Bella. That's something I see coming from Jacob.
I think he was truly serious. he was so in love with bella and tired of her doing things for everyone else but herself that he called the deal off. I think he wanted to make sure she was truly happy. Most guys feel that way:)


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