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I noticed something when I was watching a trailer for eclipse. In the movie, it shows Edward fighting against Victoria with snow on the ground. This is very unusual. This is why

In New Moon, Edward leaves Bella after her 18th birthday in September. Then, in the movie and the book, it goes through like November, December, January, showing the passing of the months. What I don't understand is that Bella rescuing Edward from Volterra, and then the fight with Victoria, would've had to take place within that January, February, March, and possibly April. That is a short time to fit all of Eclipse in. It's not possible to be the next winter because Bella would've turned into a vampire by that September, her 19th Birthday.

I'm just confused on how this can all work, or if it was a simple mistake. Please leave your responses.

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in the book it said that there was going to be a storm but in WA it could be summer and it's40 degrees
okay so, edward left bella in september. they go through all the months that she was depressed and nothing really happened. If you remember, in new moon, jacob gives her sweethearts for valentines day and then they say something about March madness a couple chapters later. So, bella goes to volterra that march to rescue edward. after that, I guess eclipse starts out in may because they graduate in eclipse in june. So edward kills victoria in june, and they are engaged for a couple of months and bella gets turned into a vampire in september. Make sense?
Edward and jake take Bella wayyyyy up in the mountains to try and protect her from the fight. My husband grew up in Colorado and he said that it snows wayyyy up in the mountains all year round. so it makes sense that it is so cold up there. and also they do mention something about a bad storm moving they are kinda prepared for the snow. make sense???
ok what people are saying is true. In the book Bella did say that it was even tooo cold for June and yes there was a storm. Also, when Jake was carrying her to the hide out spot where the tent was, Bella did realise snow started to fall a little and she passed a comment about how she don't like snow.

So yes it was June, a storm was coming, it was so cold that instead of rain it snowed so no it was not December.
okay, thanks everyone for clearing this up. I see that it was just because they were in the mountains, I forgot about that little part. Lol I was confused for a little bit there, but thanks for clearing that up :)
alrighty, i got it from the previous posts.


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