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WARNING: For those of you who have not finished Eclipse or read Breaking Dawn there are Spoilers for both of the books even though this is not the Breaking Dawn Discussion.

I don't know about you, but Bella made me mad near the end of Eclipse. She was engaged to Edward while she was making out with Jacob. I mean HELLO! haven't you heard of the thing called loyalty. Or, how Bella was like I love Edward, wait now I like Jacob, No I think I'll stick with Edward, No I want Jacob. Ugh she bugged me. If she didn't want Edward or Jacob, I would have gladly taken them off her hands.  What about you? tell me what you think, if you agree or don't let me know your opinion.

By the way I don't hate Jacob or Bella, but I am TEAM EDWARD all the way! And the book wouldn't have been as good without the up and down but it still did make me mad.

I understand that the bond between Bella and Jacob, also. He was there for her and blah blah blah I understand and it still made me mad.

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yeah! i really thought it was like tasting the waters to see which one she liked the most even though she was allready engaged!
i hated that she made out with jacob too, its like she was cheating on edward! She was engaged for goodness sake! It made me very mad.
i hated it too! i wasn't MAD at her though, bcause she did love Jacob too, and it was har for her to choose, well kind of, but i hated it when she was trying to pull away, but he didnt notice, and it went on for like three more pages because of that!
i wanted to smack some sense into Bella she made me pissed
I was so mad at her--- i didn't really understand... Jacob is a jerk!

Does everyone just hate Jacob now? She promised him she would kiss him...but he didn't stay anyways (but that's beside the point). Bella kinda made me mad...but more because if she would pick Edward anyway why did she have to kiss Jacob? She kinda ruined alot of things for herself like that(she cried the whole night). Sometimes she was acting like a baby, she should've just picked Edward in the beginning and none of this would have happened. (i am niether team edward or jacob im neutral.) (i WAS team edward but then he started acting like Bella's father and it was sooo annoying.)
i think jacob should have left bella alone and none of that would have happened!!!
it also make me mad!

what's wrong with bella?
he already have edward and she is already engaged with him., and she was like oh my god im in love with jacob!
bella is too lucky to have edward and then she will have a doubt where to go.
OMG! ill take edward, if bella will go to jacob!
I think we all would
dah who wouldnt
That is totally it! Why would she do that? I'm totally team Edward and totally against Jacob and at that part I about flipped out!
BELLA IS A FREAKING TOO TIMER!!! She is cheating on poor ol' Edward. If Edward saw it... The wedding would be off. Dan you for doing that Bella. (I still like Bella though).


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