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WARNING: For those of you who have not finished Eclipse or read Breaking Dawn there are Spoilers for both of the books even though this is not the Breaking Dawn Discussion.

I don't know about you, but Bella made me mad near the end of Eclipse. She was engaged to Edward while she was making out with Jacob. I mean HELLO! haven't you heard of the thing called loyalty. Or, how Bella was like I love Edward, wait now I like Jacob, No I think I'll stick with Edward, No I want Jacob. Ugh she bugged me. If she didn't want Edward or Jacob, I would have gladly taken them off her hands.  What about you? tell me what you think, if you agree or don't let me know your opinion.

By the way I don't hate Jacob or Bella, but I am TEAM EDWARD all the way! And the book wouldn't have been as good without the up and down but it still did make me mad.

I understand that the bond between Bella and Jacob, also. He was there for her and blah blah blah I understand and it still made me mad.

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Bella made me mad many times throughout the series. I guess her pessimism annoyed me.
TOTALLY AGREE! I loved bella in the first book, started getting really annoyed with her in the second book and really don't like her any more as I finished reading the 3rd book. She's supposed to love Edward with her whole being and yet she finds her self in love with Jacob? it's hard for me to believe. I would get it if she loved Jacob like a brother. It just really didn't sit well with me. It seems like she doesn't really love any one. she gets "holes" in her in any one leaves.. UGGGH i hope that the last book makes me like her again.
Haha yikes you've got a set in stone perspective! Haha, anyway how could Bella not love Jake, he made her happy in so many ways, he was the one who almost literally brought her to life again, he was the one who helped Bella grow out of her dormant four months, which ultimately led to Edward and Bella's reunion if that's not too long of a stretch. I just think Bella's love for Jake was inevitable for all of these reasons. I mean it's not even COMPARABLE to her love for Edward! But she couldn't help herself, until that kiss only her subconscious knew that she loved him. This is where I can see why everyone was so mad at Jake for persuading her, but REALLY all he did was allow her to come to terms with her subconscious--it was already decided. I don't get how you guys can be mad if he made Bella happy. I mean, us Edward fanatics have to be able to see that, don't we?? What do you think?
I am an Edward fanatic like you and I never hated Jake because like you said he did in essence bring bella back to life and he was there when she needed him most, but the fact that Jake knew she loved Edward more and that she was not gonna be without him Jake still went after her in her time of weakness it just made me mad that he would go so low. But everything worked out in the end and Jake is an awesome guy.
Yeah, that's true. I don't know how I'd accept or act knowing that the person I loved, loved my only enemy so bindingly.
I'm an Edward Fanatic, also. I don't hate Jake. It just made me mad that she would just go back and forth between the two.
Yes I can definitely see that Kenzie!
well i thought hte entire thing was gross when she kissed jacob so i guess i agree but if it took a kiss to bring back part of her family then i would proabally do the same
Yea she pissed me off through the whole book cause she was back & forth through the whole book, but at the end when she was making out with Jake while engaged to Edward oh that really frosted my cookies (grrr). But in the end everything worked out so its all good.
Yes! oh my gosh yes! i was so frustraded i was like let jacob leave you know he wont be gone for long, you can live! but no she kissed him anyways! ugh she gets me so mad sometimes!
i don't know..i's so hard for heeer!
I put myself in her place ..

both have that..passion :)!
I try and put myself in the main characters place also I just couldn't in Eclipse. It was too hard for me cause she kept switching back and forth and couldn't really make up her mind on who she wanted to be with. Yeah it was hard for her but imagine how hard it was for Edward when she wanted to be with Jacob.


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