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WARNING: For those of you who have not finished Eclipse or read Breaking Dawn there are Spoilers for both of the books even though this is not the Breaking Dawn Discussion.

I don't know about you, but Bella made me mad near the end of Eclipse. She was engaged to Edward while she was making out with Jacob. I mean HELLO! haven't you heard of the thing called loyalty. Or, how Bella was like I love Edward, wait now I like Jacob, No I think I'll stick with Edward, No I want Jacob. Ugh she bugged me. If she didn't want Edward or Jacob, I would have gladly taken them off her hands.  What about you? tell me what you think, if you agree or don't let me know your opinion.

By the way I don't hate Jacob or Bella, but I am TEAM EDWARD all the way! And the book wouldn't have been as good without the up and down but it still did make me mad.

I understand that the bond between Bella and Jacob, also. He was there for her and blah blah blah I understand and it still made me mad.

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Well I don't think anyone can really identify with Bella in this book, I mean really, there is no way in the real world anyone can have two soul mates. Plus, she knew it was killing Edward and it was killing Jacob, but hel what do you do when they were both freakin' created for you?
That's true noone can really identify with her up to that level of it. Yeah she knew but she kept doing it kepete being selfish and she knew she was being selfish, the part when Jacob was fixing to the fight and he's all manipulating her- I was like "What the french toast! It's obvious that he is trying to get you to lay one on him!" but Bella is an uber drama queen and totally fell for it.*rolls eyes* gotta keep the story going though I guess...
Yeah I thought the same thing just not in those words (which I like and find way funny). The story wouldn't have been so long without it and i guess it was nessicary for it to be in there. But, I did think she was a drama queen through most of the book lol
Lol, honestly though, I know it was all serious and stuff but I was cracking up when I read the part where she flung herself onto the sleeping bag and was like Just kill me! lol, I've had my moments like that lol.
I laughed at that part too lol it was kinda funny
Hey Stephanie good freakin' point you have there in your last line, "But hell what do you do when they were both freakin' created for you?"

Could not have said it better myself!
YEAH! what i was upset about is how much Bella is supposed to be in love with edward and yet at the end when shes crying cuz she left jacob and edward is trying to comfort her she wishes she could be with jacob! that made me upset. really the whole back and fourth thing between edward and jacob was upsetting. i understand why she loves jacob, but isnt bella supposed to be head over heels for edward?? wasnt she on the verge of losing it in New Moon without edward?? didnt she just get engaged to edward?? then she goes and makes out with jacob. Bella really does upset me in this book. she finally gets edward, the "love of her life" back and all she can think about is jacob.
Yes! I was so mad at her. I'm not going to lie but I was actually yelling at the book asking, "Why would you do that Bella?!" lol And I was like just let Jacob go and stay with Edward already.
Well i wasn't that mad at her, i mean i didn't like it for sure,but i agree with some of the stuff Edward said in the book like the fact that she did love both of them when Edward left Jacob was there 2 help Bella (i didn't like it i'm team Edward), not that i hold that against Edward in any way cuz i understand why he left but he was right Jacob was there for 8 month while he was gone. And i really don't think Bella could help it i mean she did try at first but i think it was just 2 much for her. she was only human.
It didn't make sense because when Edward left her she was devestated and was always thinking about him, then he came back told her he loved her and that he was trying to protect her, they get engaged and in the middle of some huge fight scene she makes out with Jacob, I would have been like ok Jacob if you want to kill yourself because you can't have me like I'm something to be possessed, go right ahead.
She kind of made me mad towards the end but i got over it. i did get mad when she kissed jacob though


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