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Ok i just got done re-reading Eclipse and i dont like the way it decribed Bella and Edward relationship.I mean I understand why Eddie doesnt want Bella to see Jacob,but i think it got a little out of hand.First when Bella went to see Jacob,he asked 'how'd you get here?" and she replied 'I snuck out!' and then after that she says 'I'll come back the next time he's a way'.And i dont like that Edward pays his sister to babysit Bella.He actually said the wod 'babysit' when asking Alice.One,shouldnt a grown woman vist her friends when she wants too? Two,It makes it seem more like Edward is her dad then her boyfriend,the way he bosses her.So doesnt it seem like Bella is kinda trapped?

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i never saw it that way ur right
he is a huge overprotective fool!
He just wants to take care of Bella, he wants to see Bella the most safe as he can, so he worries to much, and Jacob is a temperamental person, so if he gets mad...
he can hurts Bella, so, Eddie, doesn't want that (Bella to see Jacob)
I agree, it never seemed to me that her relationship with Edward or friendship with Jacob was healthy in the first place. It seems kind of abusive from both parts, not physically.

I can see how it came across that way and i did see it slightly, but i aso see it as protection, Edward has never felt this way and he worries so much about her and he gets a little obsessive, but he does in the end and they agree on her seeing him. But he also did have experience with werewolves and hat was the other issue that he had with Jacob, he knows how unstable a new wolf is regardless if Jacob is brilliantly controlled or not would you send your other half to that.
Also think of the jealousy aspect, you want to meet up with a boy that is so obviously in love with your girlfriend i d be pretty jealous too.

Do get me wrong he is pretty extreme but the is reason to his madness

No I don't see it as Bella being trapped...Edward was just being very over protective of her...Bella understood it to a certain degree. She may not have liked it but she she did understand..Bella was a magnet for danger, Edward knew that. He didn't want to take any chances when it came to her safety. Edward loving Bella was very new to him, he had almost lost her once before, he wouldn't let it happen again..And as for paying Alice to babysit with a new car, she would have gotten it anyways..she loved Bella. Alice wanted Bella safe as well. So I would not say trapped.
Also another reason for Edward not wanting her around Jacob was the fact that Alice couldn't see the wolves, Bella just disappeared.That would freak me out a little bit too. Not knowing if she was o.k.
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