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I laughed it was so romantic!!!!

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I was so excited I didn't know what to do. I didn't cry or laugh. I think I yelled "ahhhh!!!, OMG Edward just asked Bella to marry him. OMG!" I think I went and told my mom, she just roled her eyes and said "omgosh I don't wanna hear anymore." Moms.
I laughed it was so funny how bella reacts to this marriage thing .Edward is so romantic and so old fashioned I just love that chapter
I cried!!
I was like YAY!!
It was all so sweet.
i didn't laugh or cry i thought was very sweet and came at the end of one of my favorite chapters though
well of corse i LOVED it !!!
I cryed because....idk i just did !!
my heart completely melted !
As I was reading it I was laughing then my husband looked started laughing and I asked him what was going on, then he just pointed to my face- I had been crying and didin't even noticed. It was so sweet and romantic, Something my husband knows nothing about. He is still laughing at me for crying while reading these books. Edward wouldn't have done that to Bella
I truly cried for two reasons:
1. because I thought it was sooo cute
2. I wish i was bella and i wish edward was proposing to me!
I didn't cry or laugh but I felt ... I don't know how to say it.... it was so damn romantic! I felt week (?) in some way - really don't know how to better describe this. it was really *aaawwww* moment :)
yeah.. its the best part of eclipse definitely.... how i wish that im bella that time.. lol
well u have it half was one of the best parts...but it wasn't in eclipse it was in New Moon on page me i memorized the page
I did a mixture of both!
Possibly, because I wanted that to be me instead of Bella, I don't know, but it was so romantic!!!
i thought it was so amazing!! i said aww...and was so happy that i almost makes up for him leaving....almost but not quite


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