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I laughed it was so romantic!!!!

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I was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
I loved it and I cried. I was just really happy that Edward finally got what he wanted for once, instead of Bella. I know that he really loves her and that he gets her which is great for him, but it seems like Edward has to sacrifice so much more often.
I laughed then sheded one tear.
Yes I agree! He gives everything for her, and it seemed like such a silly thing for Bella to make an argument over. I mean, she agreed to become a vampire because she loved him that much, but she couldn't bare to marry the guy?? I'm just glad she finally came to her senses and realized how important it was to him.
its was insane!! woot iii lovedd iit totally!!=]
its was so sweet, i bookmarked that page and re-read it every day. nawwww lol
I loved it just after Edward put the ring on Bella's finger, when I saw Edward glowing, and his exultant kiss! That made me sooo happy for him! I almost felt knocked breathless like Bella was.
i thot it wuz amazing but i didnt cry. i was happy beyond all doubt
It was so sweet. I was in the awwwwww moment. I get really happy when that romantic stuff happens.
yes i cry it was so romantic
I actually did give a little chuckle.
i laughed so hard cause when edward was through she said in new moon "ok so where is the punch line'" and in eclipse i was like aw aw


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