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I personally think that it was exceptable, he deserved his moment with Bella especially after he heard that edward and bella were getting married and he officially lost.

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LOL, how can anyone not like Jacob?

ummmmm it was wrong for him to trick her, yes, but I think she liked it. I know I did, lol
Plus you cant blame him for trying, its hard loving someone that doesnt love you back.

I dont know, Edward is great.......But Im Team Jacob!!!!
Yes.He had to be sure that he did everything in his power to give Bella another option to make sure that Edward was in fact what she wanted..even though she had told him over an over he just couldn't seem to come to grip's..And he knew that she loved him to and i think He just wanted her to admit that to him and herself as well so he could Have a clear mind when the time to really let her go came"The Transformation"..
Well I think its really wrong for Jacob to do that.. Friendship has boundaries and the limits should be clear.. No one has the right to impose love, even if the friendship they had was so special. Its still not fair. I think Jacob did forget the idea of respect there. And Bella had been too much weak.. but its good that stephenie included that kind of scene. It is somehow a good way or chance for Jacob to say goodbye or perhaps to let go..

Poor Jacob..
No. It's a lowly and sickening action. He was using Bella for his personal gain and that's something Edward would never do. Jacob knew that it would hurt Bella if she had to leave Edward (she would never, but to give Edward the impression that she's in pain from having to choose between Edward and Jacob and then hoping that Edward might leave her again).
I didnt like how he tricked her into kissing him...i liked Jacob at first then as the books progressed he became kind of a d*ck!! She made it clear that it was Edward that she wanted even after Edward left her, she wasnt letting him go, a clear indication that it was only friendship on the cards for her and Jacob!!
uuh maybe
well yes and no.
Yes b/c he knew that he wouldn't get that kind of chance again if Bella became a vampire. Also he knew Bella would give in b/c she needs both of them in her life or she would die
No i dont. If Bella Truly LOVED Jacob (WHICH IS FALSE) Jacob would have not need to Trick her. He just had to trick her to kiss him. He has to know that Edward doesn't trick him. Jacob Does.
Jacob did deserve it, but i'm sad he did that cause he was trying to cover up him pain. I feel so bad for him :( he was always the rebound :`(
he should not hav kissed and wen he did find out they were getting married right after tht thts so stupid
no because she was ingaged with edward! and she should never kiss jacob!
I think he did deserve a moment with Bella but he basically threatened suicide. I don't care how desperate you are that was a low blow.


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