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just wondering what other people think on whoes better looking

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i know right? i cant tell you how many pics i have of edward cullen like more than 50
i think that both edward and jacob are both equally hot
I think Jacob is way better looking than Edward! Jacob's face just shines, and his body is just way hotter than more than one way!

In the book i picture edward hotter than Jacob but in the movie Jacob is hotter than edward! Sorry if that dissapoints u but its my opinion
Hell YES!!!!!! But i like Rob better in Edwards Character than as himself
Jacob is better looking than Edward in the Films.
Could not agree more!!!=) Jacob is a HOTTI!!!!!!!!!!!
I'n the books I always pictured Jacob with a hot body and cute face, and Edward with a beauiful face and lanky body but
in New Moon Jacob is HOT HOT HOT! The wig looks sooo much better than it did in the first one and he cuts it so yeah he looks so much better. Jakes wig is hideous in the 1st one! And Edward never changes but hes a good looking guy. But I would have to say Jacob had a better body and cuter face.

So Jacob all they way!
Yes, it is so indeed. Jacob is so beautiful. Team Jacob!!!!
JACOB BLACK... team jacob


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