The Twilight Saga

just wondering what other people think on whoes better looking

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Hell yeahhh..................
jacob is hotter than edward. TEAM JACOB...
uhm i think in looks uhm there pretty much equal at sometimes.. they both have their ugly sides, but jacob qoht one hell of a sexy bodyy.. nd edward qoht a sexyy ass smile so idk
~~i think that edward is better looking the jacob is come on now who wwouldnt wanrt edward to take them to the prom cause i know i sure as hell would~~
robert pattinson looks like a bum... his chest is pale and hairy...he looks disgusting. although his face is OK.

while on the other hand jacob is adorable, :)
his body is AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL !!! & so is his face x333
edward is better looking
in the book, edward is better-looking
in the movie, jacob is


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