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who thinks vampires exist? It sounds a little bit crazy I know but who thinks they do actually exist? I think that it might be possible but I really don't know. Please put your opion down! : )

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You know, the mith had to come from somewhere.
I do believe that some part what we think of a vampire may exsist somewhere in this world!
I guess they could based on how Stephenie describes them (with their secrecy). I honestly don't think so but sometimes I really wish they did.
I don't. I KNOW they're NOT real, that's why I could read the Twilight Saga. It doesn't freak me out or anything. They are NOT real.
In my opinion if somebody thinks vampires are real they need to take a break from Twilight [ ;D ]

yes i do especially if they as hot as edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would gladly give up my life to be with them if i new that i would b pretty and that i could b with one that was like edward!!!!!
how do u know thier real
I said: Why not ?! Vampires can exist, just not be found, or not be exacly how Stephanie Meyer describe the vampires. That's what i think =) !
No! but if someone came up to me and ask me if I think they exist, for some reason I would say yes! for who knows why!!!
No I don't think that they do. It would be really cool if they did though.
i WISH, but i highly doubt it.

that would be so cool 2 be able 2 read minds like edward or see the future like alice.

if vampires exist, do werewolves? i think it is more likely that werewolves exist than vampires. but still, i doubt both.
vampires dont exist
just wish they ofcourse i just want those vegetarian vampires..hahaha..
if vampires exist there would be a lot of them coz a lot of people wants immortality...
hahaha..w/c is impossible's just a horrible truth....we can't do anything...*sigh*


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