The Twilight Saga

who thinks vampires exist? It sounds a little bit crazy I know but who thinks they do actually exist? I think that it might be possible but I really don't know. Please put your opion down! : )

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No, I don't think vampires exist because...well i don't know why, but I just can't belive in them...but i really like them...
I dont know about all that super strength and that, but they're are people out there who like to drink blood. Just for the taste!!
but i do wish that someone like Edward existed >/body>
I dnt have any idea.. But i hope someone like edward exists in this world!!!
i agree hahah
me too!...i hope someone like edward exists.
I don't really know I hope they do really exist if they were like The Cullens who only had animals..,
They exist.
I'm serious.
y not??
Mermaids exists, dont they??
yeah they do.. and pixies as well.
Ha of coures they exist.. :P
i think the books were all just the Voltuirs cover story lol .. just kidding
Yes I think they exist
I get that this sounds cheesy but so much strange stuff happens in this world and there so much beauty in it. How can there not be something else there. i aslo believe in angels pixies and aliens. I kina sound like a nut job now don't I. I 'm gonna shut up now
hey i know leprchauuns exist being from ireland i have one lol, only kidding in all honestly i would love to believe that they do but i guess its just what you believe in your heart i love to believe in magic, (i have so many neices and nephews its hard not to believe) and if you believe in that well you kinda have to believe everything else, i would love if out there in this world somewhere there was an edward and a bella and a jacob that would be cool


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