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Hey everyone! I started this discussion so we could share our thoughts on the movie. so i have a few questions. 
feel free to answer the questions or just post what you liked/didnt like about the movie.

1. did you like the movie? why or why not?

2. what was your favorite scene?

3. is there anything from the book that didn't make the movie that you wish was in the movie?

4. is there anything in the movie that you wish wasn't in the movie?

5. are there any quotes from the book that you wish were in the movie? what's your favorite line from the movie?

here are some pictures to enjoy
i think they are cute haha :)

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I really did like the movie but there were a lot of parts that were different,
my favorite scene was everyone getting ready for the big fit, Cullens all lined up- I thought that was a great shot.
I think most of the book was in the movie, but in different orders- the way Bella went to Rosalie instead of her coming to Bella (which I thought was a turning point in the book for Rosalie), the part with the plane tickets, ( i liked the book way better), When Jasper is telling his story it was in the field not at home, and a few others.
I think they should have made it more in order and more like they did with New Moon.( I thought New Moon was done just like the book, or at least a lot closer than Twilight and Eclipse.
I agree with you. i think the movie was great but some things were a little out of order.

The one scene that wasn't in the movie that i wish was in the movie was the very last scene when Jacob gets the wedding invitation and runs away. My friend thinks they will put that scene at the beginning of breaking dawn. I hope they do because i think that scene is pretty important.

The two lines that i wish they put in the movie that they didn't were both said by Jacob.
The first is "does my being half naked bother you?" that line is really funny and i wish they kept it...
the other line is when jacob says, "the clouds i can handle but i can't fight with an eclipse" i think thats important because its jacob basically saying he is giving up.

AND i wish they put more emotion into the scene with bella and jacob in his room at the end because that was when she finally admits to loving him and he finally gives up and lets edward have her. i wish they added more conversation between jacob and bella in that particular part. i thought that scene was so sad in the book and i wish they kept it.

and thats all i have to say hahaha sorry i wrote so much! i usually don't write that much! :)

-sara :)
I agree. I'm team Edward but in that particular scene in the book, I was so close to going team Jacob.
I agree w/ u Sara
Myes!!! I loved the movie because i feel like they had more dialogue from the book. My fave scene is...i don't know there's too many to choose from. I think they should've had the part when alice kidnaps bella and they have a slumber party. I think the part when bella jumps on jacob's motorcycle was stupid. They should've had the line "i prefer brunettes" and "may the best man win." "that sounds about right...pup"
ah i totally forgot about that scene! they def should have kept the kidnapping scene and they should have kept the part in the tent when jacob rolls over on to bella then edward pushes him off.
yeah i didnt really like the motorcycle part either.
I agree with the kidnapping part, that's the part with Rosalie too, and same with the wedding invitation. I think they really rushed it and the more I think about it book-movie they missed so much. I'm glad that other people think the same way at first i thought I maybe had my hopes to high because Eclipse was my favorite book of the 4, but it seems everyone has the same opinion.
yeah it did feel a little rushed.
eclipse was my favorite book too! but even though it missed all these key points from the book i still loved the movie.
i thought the movie was a good movie...i feel like even people who don't like twilight like the movie because it's just good! (idk if that made sense haha but i hope you get what i'm trying to say)
Yeah they really did miss alot of the key points. It really was a good movie though. It's my favorite book out of the saga. I hated how Bella was like so excited when Edward proposed. That would be so confusing to people who didn't read the book because at the beginning Edward kept saying marry me (where did that part come from anyway?) and Bella kept saying no. So that was confusing how Bella was all happy when she finally said yes. In the book she was upset when she finally said yes.
yeah i know it was weird because in the book she was contemplating on whether to say something sarcastic or something extra mushy.
it was my favorite book aswell and my favorite movie.
Loved the movie. Way better movie than the first two they did. They kept the flow and feel right which is important. I am okay with the scenes not making it but do wish the end were slightly different, more of the book with Bella crying and Edward there when she wakes up. I do think the line with Jacob about not fighting an Eclipse was needed, hello the book is Eclipse :) but I am super about the movie. I will buy the DVD just like the others as well as the movie companion book. Does anyone know the songs in the movie? I have the soundtrack but didnt catch where they all were in the movie. Thanks
i found this on yahoo answers.... hope it helps!
1.Riley is coming out of the diner – Chop and Change – The Black Keys
2. Edward shows up in the truck – Let’s Get Lost – Beck and Bat for Lashes
3. Lunchroom – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep – Bombay Bicycle Club
4. Jacob shows up– A Million Miles an Hour – Eastern Conference Champions
5. Bella with Jacob on his motorcycle – Jonathan Low – Vampire Weekend
6. Edward and Bella on Bella's bed – Life on Earth – Band of Horses
7. First party song – Ours – The Bravery
8. Second party song - Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) – Muse
9. Training for the newborns – With You in My Head – UNKLE featuring The Black Angels
10. Bella comes to the Cullen house to stay the night – Claire De Lune –Debussy
11. Bed scene and Edwards proposal – My Love – Sia
12. Riley & Victoria – Rolling In on a Burning Tire – The Dead Weather
13. First end credits song – Eclipse (All Yours) – Metric
14. Second end credits song – Heavy in Your Arms – Florence + The Machine
15. Third end credits song – What Part of Forever – Cee Lo Green


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