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I have a few favorite parts in each book, I was wondering what y'alls are in Eclipse?

1. When Edward comes back after Alice "babysits" Bella.
2. The night they spent at Edwards
3. The meadow at the end.

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i agree with all of the above especially the night they spent at edwards
I Love all the parts that you like....though there're still some I would like to add:

- The fighting scene
- The conversation of Bella, Edward, Jacob and Charlie where Bella told Edward of the kissing incident ( Jacob kissed Bella and she punched him, ending up having a broken wrist)...haha
I like those too!!
When Jacob was telling Bella that he loves her and how he wants her to chose him. And when Jacob kisses her. When Bella puches Jacob in the face and breaks her hand. Ha ha ha!
I lyke de part wen dey r @ edwards bt i also lyke wen he shows bella her ring n also in de end wen he gets really happy wen bella tells hym dat dey r gon 2 tell charlie bout dem getn married
Definately the Newborn Army scene.
Also the part where Bella breaks her hand when Jacob kisses her.
i liked the part where he asked her to marry her, that was my fav!!! :)
1. When Bella punches Jacob and Breaks here hand.
2. The tent discussion between Edward and Jacob
3. The Quileute stories at the camp fire meeting


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